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Matthew Jimenez, MD

As an orthopaedic surgeon who treats patients at a busy Chicago trauma center, Dr. Matthew L. Jimenez is reminded daily that life is fragile and precious. “It is my mission to help trauma victims find joy, self-respect and meaning from the reconstructed pieces of their lives,” he says. Dr. Jimenez also cares for veterans with lingering problems from wars ranging from World War II to Iraq and Afghanistan, an experience that has humbled him. “They teach me about honor, kindness, respect, love of country, love of family and self-sacrifice. Through my relationships with injured soldiers, I have found a deeper love for my country and my profession. They make me proud to be American,” Dr. Jimenez says. Much of the care he provides civilian trauma patients is based on procedures that were developed by those treating injured soldiers. “Techniques pioneered in the theater of war and further refined by scientific investigation have gone on to save countless lives and limbs in civilian practice,” Dr. Jimenez says.

Boots of a Fallen Soldier

30 x 25 in

Watercolor on Paper

Dr. Jimenez wishes these dog tag-laced boots could tell the fallen soldier’s story of bravery, honor and love of comrade and country. “Much of the battlefield narrative remains unknown. Much of what is done goes unseen and unspoken. If only these boots could tell his story,” he says.